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Kazuri means “small and beautiful” in Swahili, a name which reflects the uniqueness and beauty of each hand-crafted and hand-painted piece.

Kazuri designs are rich in color and alive with collaborative creativity. The organization was started in 1975 by Susan Wood, working initially with two African women experimenting in making hand-made beads. They have expanded drastically since then, growing both in their knowledge and skill of ceramics as well as the impact they are making in the lives of many women.

Kazuri provides employment opportunities to several women in the Nairobi area, most of whom are single mothers who are in great need of regular employment.

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We are excited to bring you a comprehensive collection of Kazuri beads creations for 2009. The designs are reflective of the rich diversity and colors of Africa. With product names such as Papyrus, Lavender Girl, Night Sky, Bush Fire, Lichen, Lapis, Rain Forest, Acacia, Marina, Satellite, Monsoon, Golden Fox, Sand Storm, Bedouin, Ox Blood, Dawn Music, Savanna, and many others, you are sure to find a design that exactly suits your particular mood and style!

View our Kazuri Collection here!

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